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Meeting his friends, he seizes an amphora to douse his tunic and block the opening in the granary, thus trapping the Britons inside. As a reward for his efforts he is put in charge of the prison. • Indirect commands • Result Dagger-pugio Hadrian's Wall MILITES Stage 25 The Officer was walking through the camp and caught sight of Strythio, who had already returned to the camp. Officer (O)-Hey Strythio!

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Optio: Idiot! Shut up! It is hard to explain things to you! Modestus et Strȳthiō, ē carcere ēgressī, ad horreum fūgērunt. Modestus and Strythio, having left from the prison, fled to the barn. per aditum angustum rēpsērunt et sub horreō cēlātī manēbant.

Decennier Suomeksi -

I understand the truth now! Valerius is wishing us to be guards of the prison.

Decennier Suomeksi -

nos mandatis tuis parentes, ad stationem procedimus." WordSense Dictionary: struthio - spelling, hyphenation, synonyms, translations, meanings & definitions.

dic Valerio haec omnia verba. noli quicquam omittere! "Strythio, miles legionis secundae, salutem plurimam dicit. optio, a te missus, mandata tua nobis tulit . nos mandatis tuis parentes, ad stationem procedimus." Strythio: I make the gods my witnesses. We are innocent.
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All the girls love you because you are so brave and so handsome. Allocate the characters of Strythio and Modestus to the two halves of the class, or to student pairs. Ask them, as you read the story in Latin once or twice, to follow their half of the dialogue, and then volunteer a dramatic translation. Lines 15-25 Volunteers may like to act out the narrative, while the teacher continues to read and In horreo translation Modestus and Strythio, having exit from the prison, escaped towards the barn. They crawled through the narrow entrance and hid in the barn.

Modestus: Go away, idiot! Strythio, to carry out the orders of Modestus, reluctantly left. He is not able to hurt you” When Strythio had said these thing, Modestus angrily screamed, “You idiot!
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Modestus Translation Storyboard av d8db0023

Strythio: Do not scold me! I understand the truth now! Valerius is … Entries with "struthio" ostrich: …(fem.) Korean: 타조‎ Ladin: struz‎ Latin: struthiocamelus‎ (masc.), struthio‎ (masc.) Latvian: strauss‎ (masc.) Lithuanian: strutis‎…. struthius: struthius (Latin) Alternative forms strutheus Origin & history From Ancient Greek στρούθιος.Adjective Of or pertaining to sparrows.

Decennier Suomeksi -

strythio translation - Latin 4 YEEEERRRRRDDDDDDDDD D Strythio (page 88 Optio is walking through the military camp He caught sight of Strythio having | Course Hero strythio translation - Latin 4 YEEEERRRRRDDDDDDDDD D School Notre Dame High School, Lawrenceville Course Title FOREIGN LANGUAGE 4 Contextual translation of "strythio" into English. Human translations with examples: strythio. Strythio: I make the gods my witnesses. We are innocent. We committed not one crime. Optio: Blockhead!

Optio: Idiot!